"There is a continuing high demand for effective negotiation in the workplace. Real estate students, in particular, need strong negotiation skills especially for future sales agents and consultants. Historically, negotiation has been an interdisciplinary field. Even today, researchers and educators continue to think about ways in which insights from such disciplines as law, business, psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, game theory, complexity theory, and the arts. Many teachers in negotiation use a variety of teaching methods - lectures, simulations, discussion, videos, written assignments, etc. ñ to account for various learning preferences or multiple intelligences with a predominance of using simulations. Launching in 1990 by professors of the Nancy Academy (""TUT Tech. De Co""), the concourse óles NÈgociales"" (2,000 students in 12 qualification centres in France and a final at Nancy) has the objectives to confront professionals and students in short matches of negotiation on a case study elaborating by partners of the event (Coca Cola, Canon,...) and permit to promote sales careers in particular in real estate careers with the participation of Foncia and BNP Paribas."