The purpose of the paper is to analyze the housing security policy for rural immigrant workers in Chinese cities and its performance, to contribute the policy frame for solving the housing problems of immigrant workers. Investigation method and public policy analyses are jointly applied in study. Based on the investigation on housing status of rural immigrant workers in Chinese cities, it will check the performance of current housing policies, including affordable housing policy, very low rent housing policy, public accumulation fund policy. The orientation of rural immigrant workers in cities, the social security system and the housing supply policies related to them, will be found to be the primary factors influenced government policy. It emphasizes that the housing policy should be set up on the measures of housing supply and demand of rural immigrant workers in Chinese cities. And it will try to construct the countermeasure system that produced by theoretical model. The result shows that the housing demand of immigrant workers should be considering with the supply and security system of urban residents' housing together. Accordingly, the proper measures the government should take focus on the construction of effective institutional arrangement of distribution, so as to prompt the housing policy to achieve its maximal economic and societal effect using the market mechanism.