In the last ten years real estate marketing Europe has known relevant innovation, by the financial process side, public and private property securitisation, organizational phenomena known as Outsourcing processes. Financial market is actually oriented to residential, commercial, logistics, leisure and health property investment where is possible counts positive returns requirements and risk profile is particularly low. What is the measure and what terms these organizational and process innovations influence on the urban requalifications oriented to the physics- qualitative improvements condition of the urban centres? Have these changes improve debt and equity collection procedures by private interest? Due to an increase in liquidity flow in the financial market, we attend in the future a relative increase to the public-private project financing. The aim of the present work is what and with future perspective could be the effects of real estate securitizations and organizational market methods on infill projects. In treating these themes we will develop a literature focus on: * asset back securitization of real estate property and outsourcing process associated. * Economics models utilised in real estate sector. * Financial techniques to evaluate investments.