The European real estate industry is still growing fast, both in terms of employment and output. This rapid expansion takes place with new concepts but also in new areas, often across borders. The aim of this paper is to examine the growth strategies of three types of players on the Dutch real estate market, i.e. developers, investors and brokers. Ansoff (1973) distinguishes four growth strategies: market penetration, diversification, market development and product development. One of the main questions to be answered in this paper is what growth strategy (if any) is chosen by the key players in the Dutch real estate sector. More importantly, what are the key drivers behind the chosen growth strategies and how are these strategies implemented. In order to answer these and other questions, per category board members of the 15 largest Dutch companies have been interviewed. The results of these interviews have been analyzed and linked to some important background characteristics of the companies involved, such as portfolio composition, market focus and type of affiliation. One of the results of our analysis is that internationalization is the dominant growth strategy of the investors whereas among developers and brokers no dominant strategy was found.