The market for real estate portfolios in Europe will stabilise at a high level over the coming years. Numerous factors are favourably impacting supply and demand and will continue to promote extensive investment. After a short introduction covering the macroeconomic and real estate market environment, the presentation will show the development of the market of portfolio transactions in several European countries, Germany, UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Central Europe [Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia], pan-European transactions - including the number of transactions per year, volumes, types of vendors and purchasers, nationalities of vendors and purchasers utilisation. The analysis covers all transactions from 1997 or later ñ depending on the country - and includes transactions up to the 3rd quarter of 2006. The energy of the market is the motivation of vendors and purchasers, new financing instruments and exit strategies. These factors will be also highlighted in the presentation. After discussing all of the mentioned dynamic features, we are able to give an informative picture about the future development of the market of portfolio transactions within Europe. The presentation is based on the new report published by Sireo Research in February 2007: ìSireo Research 2007 ñ Portfolio transactions in Europeî.