The Real Estate Management Education Programme at the Agder University College; School of Management (AUC-SM), now includes a one-semester combined seminar and internship in real estate management, as part of the Bachelor degree programmes in Business Administration and Engineering (îConstruction technologyî). It is also an area of specialization in the Master of Science program in Business Administration. The internship programme consists of a placement job, two weeks of classroom teaching, and a term paper. The programme has been carried out for the first time in the fall term this year (2006). In the present paper we present a model for organising the communication between the student community, the research community, and the business community, which we prefer to call ìThe dialogical modelî. The main characteristic of this model is a two-way communication between the three communities, as opposed to the common one-way information form (ìThe monological modelî). According to learning theory and our model, we expect the internship programme to enhance learning for the students and work as a vehicle for coalescence between industry and academics in the field of real estate. A survey among the students and the participating firms presented in this paper, has revealed that the students have had a very interesting and instructive time in the real estate industry. Their motivation for further real estate related studies, and for a career in the real estate industry was reinforced, and they discovered the value of theories and tools already acquired in their bachelor studies. The real estate industry saw the programme as a useful way of getting in touch with our students and academics, and they expected this contact to be useful for their market image. They also saw the programme as useful for getting an outsider view of some of their problems, and for building a stronger relationship to the university.