Feng Shui is a very popular trend in the real estate market especially in habitation and nowadays in the work place management. The question of this paper is: which are the aspects to integrate Feng Shui into existing Real Estate Management theories as well as in Facility Management concepts. ìEverything is connectedî. This statement is the starting point for the possibilities of optimizing the workplace situation described in this paper. In order to achieve this it is necessary to place man as the center point of observation and to include inter-disciplinary approaches. The goal of the paper is to achieve more quality for man and enterprise by pointing out synergies of real estate management, facility management and Feng Shui and to combine the already existing knowledge. In the introduction, the basic principles and definitions will be outlined, for example Yin und Yang, Qi, five elements of Feng Shui or compass school. Existing studies as the ìOffice 21î survey of the Fraunhofer Institute on ìSoft Success Factorsî shows the importance of a harmonic man / environment relationship. The importance of psychological approaches for explaining Feng Shui are discussed, as well as the importance of psychological-emotional areas. The common goal of Real Estate-, Facility Management and Feng Shui is to optimize the work environment. Examples for implementing Feng Shui in an Real Estate- and Facility Management surrounding are presented. The result is that the success of the afford is not exclusively based on business results (eg costs), but rather on factors that are subjectively perceived and employee-related.