The topic is to present the property investment market trends for 2006 and why Paris Region seems to be so attractive. First of all, we would like to present the major key issues for 2006: initial yields, market rental values, capital values, construction, ... Then, we would like to focus on the historical Paris Region performance and what types of sectors have been very performant and / or the less risky: in 2005 and on a longer period. And in Europe ? What level of performance ? Which place for Paris Region in Europe ? In order to understand why Paris Region is so attractive, we have conducted a survey in january and february 2006, in order to determine the overall prospects for the real estate market for 2006 & 2007, and to permit a better appreciation of investors' plans to buy and to sell. Some 100 french and foreign investors, and their advisors, gave us their point of vue. They accepted to let us know how much they have planed to invest and to disinvest. We will also introduce some of those results. How much do those investors plan to invest ? Which type of products are they interested in ? But, the aim of this presentation is also to show that even if Paris is considered overpriced, more and more investors are trying to buy in Paris. Is it risky, and why ? To conclude, we would like to present the key factors of the Region, and what type of criterias could influence real estate investment decisions? Which criterias are considered by the investors as very important in investment decisions ? What are the advantages of Paris Region and its handicaps ?