"When introducing oneself with the professional designation ""real estate researcher"" two quite different reactions are encountered. One is a gratifying nod from those active in the property sector, allowing the thought to be read, ""Oh yes, researchers compile market reports"". The second, often a somewhat blank look signifying chiefly ""Oh? I've never heard of that job"". Regardless of which reaction is to be expected, a further series of questions or attempts at clarification is prompted. To some extent, the research landscape in Germany is anything but uniformly structured: Concepts, demarcations and functional or professional structures are so differentiated that, so far, no structural or scientific analysis of the subject has taken place. And that is surprising in a field of research whose existence, in the final analysis, is justified by its approach to research. And from this, at least, the present author has to derive his justifiable and fundamental concern to address the subject. Building on a statistical survey, comparing the results of 2003 and 2005, the aim is to bring more transparency into this important but often unknown field of market research in Germany. Central to this, in terms of content, are two focal points: * Documentation of the development within a decade; * Comparison of two surveys in 2003 and 2005."