"In order to develop sustainable office environments that meet future requirements, the ongoing changes in the work environment have to be understood. But these changes are multifaceted, affect different disciplines and manifest themselves on different levels. Therefore, they should be analysed in interdisciplinary teams. Modern organizations are characterized by flexible, decentralized network structures. These structures have to be supported by adequate architectural concepts that improve the organizations productivity. However, it is not only the productivity-aspect that companies are facing, but the quality of the working environment in general which only is likely to increase, if architectural, economical and sociological aspects are taken into account. The paper outlines the research focus and research questions of a new founded interdisciplinary research team named ""Zentrum Arbeitswelten"" consisting of architects, sociologists and developers. It is the aim of the ìZentrum Arbeitsweltenî to contribute to the development of humane and productive office environments."