Examines the provision of property services, and the role of property as an operational and financial asset of business. In this context, considers: - Changing knowledge and skill requirements of property professionals; - Competition from other business professions; - Overlap and integration of property and business skills; - Changing models of property education ñ from learning by doing to academic discipline, from undergraduate to postgraduate, from university to continuing professional development and life-long learning ; - Notions of ëcoreí property knowledge ñ a shrinking core and a growing range of specialisms; - Business schools as the natural home of property education? ; - Specialist property degrees, the property MBA and the MBA with property electives ñ a new debate around ëcoreí knowledge. The author reflects on developments over 25 years as a property educator, most recently in a business school environment. The presentation draws on UK experience but reflects internationalising markets in both property services and property education.