With the introduction of the Euro and continuing eastern expansion of the European Union, makes this a time of high volatility and vibrancy in the European market. This combined with the strains on some of Europe's largest markets in Germany and France mean that now is an important time to analyse the similarities and differences within the European real estate market. This paper will provide analyse of the dynamics of the main European office markets. Using individual location and pan-European panel data, statistical and econometric techniques will be employed to compare and contrast the drivers that influence the major office markets of Europe. The paper shall analyse the results to provide a comparative study of the European office markets across time and location. The paper will also make observations about structural differences and similarities between markets, in a comparative analysis of the many influences in this area. The analysis will include initial observations about the role of the Euro, and will thus be a useful benchmarking exercise for analysis in the future to compare markets once the expansion eastward has had time for its impacts to be fully registered on the data.