Past research has indicated that it is essential for real estate programs to provide up-to-date, expert quality real estate education. One source of current market information is the industry professional. Our current research will examine the coalescence of industry and the classroom in 10 well-recognized real estate graduate programs from around the world. All of the academics that will be participating in the project are leaders within each of the sister societies that make up the International Real Estate Society (ARES, LaRES, ERES, AsRES, PRRES and AfRES). We will examine how the various programs are enhanced when professionals are directly incorporated in to the real estate course work. This study will summarize and compare the results of 10 in-depth surveys we will conduct on the coalescence of industry professionals and live projects into academic programs. These case studies will identify ways that real estate professionals are connected to the students, such as through project-based courses, mentoring programs, speaker series, shadow-an-executive programs, internships, networking events, executives-in-residence, career fairs, guest lecturers, and field trips. In summary, the study will compare and contrast the integration of industry and academics in ten graduate real estate programs.