"The paper is dealing at first with the definition of ""Real Estate Investment Management"". Prior to this no definition could be found in Germany. The participants in this working group are practitioners (Banker, Investment, Portfolio and Asset Manager, Advisor) and scientists. Secondly the paper discusses and explains in detail the different levels comprising REIM: the investment level, the portfolio level, the property level and reporting and research. The distinction between REIM and other areas of Real Estate Management like Asset Management, Corporate Real Estate Management and Facility Management are explored. In order to assist Investors and Investment Managers in contractual matters a guidance to best practice ""Reporting Standards"" has been developed by the working group. A brief overview on the content of these standards will be presented. The working group is now concentrating on defining key expressions used in the area of REIM and intensifying marketing and public relations in order to broaden the general use of the agreed definitions and standards in Germany. "