Education occupies one of the first places in strategy of development of Belarus and many foreign states since is a basis for steady economic growth. The role of educational institutions consists in preparation of highly skilled experts for national economy, including real estate specialists. The real estate market is rather new sphere of activity in Belarus, distinguished specificity and requiring serious professional training. Nowadays the market becomes more civilized and we notice increase of professions amount in the real estate market. Realtors still make now the most part, but some percent are already other experts: managers in sphere of the real estate, valuers and insurers. Increasing number of professionals on the real estate market is the tendency of last 10 years in Belarus. The analysis of a condition of the Belarusian real estate education experience shows, that the main problems here are: absence of unity in understanding common and especial in training of different real estate specialists, different understanding of a necessary level of training, absence of unity in understanding of the contents of training programs on various directions of professional activity in the real estate market. The common problem for all specialties and specializations in sphere of the real estate is the absence of the common requirements to such education. To overcome difficulties it is necessary to use of the international experience and take into account specificity of Belarusian universities. The paper takes the many aspects and cross cuts them into some steps each focusing on different aspects of the future of real estate education and in the case of one, the future of professional bodies in the real estate education sector.