This research intends to use the investment environment of the real estate industry to examine the ideas of foreign firms for real estate so as to elaborate the competitiveness of Taiwaní s real estate industry.Due to the trend of globalization , real estate industry will be facing the competitiveness from the other country. This paper is mainly focused on the competitiveness after Taiwan joining the WTO. The contribution of this research is to realize the competitive on the real estate industry in Taiwan under global competitiveness, and by this means, we can provide some suggestions to construct suitable environment for foreign investor in Taiwan and reference organization. Therefore, we tries to use the multicriteria decision making--AHP(analytic hierarchy process) method to establish the competitive criteria of real estate industry in Taiwan. We investigate 40 foreign firms for real estate . Through our research, we get 24 criteria to measure the competitiveness of real estate industry in Taiwan. We found that operational risk is the most important factor when the firms decide to invest in Taiwan.