Real estate management post-crisis, the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons on the European property markets and the appearance of new professions linked to asset and real estate management has noticeably modified the traditional approach to real estate and the classical methods of real estate expertise and management. Funding of the real estate sector and the internationalization of real estate investments have required the appearance of new management training in real estate finance and management. For the last five years, new training programs more centered on real estate management and finance have seen their development around European countries, at graduate, postgraduate or executive levels, with the creation of new diplomas and the launching of new training programs. This is notably the case in countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands. However, such initiatives of real estate courses in finance and in management inside MBA programs or Business Schools education are not yet developed in European countries. The aim of this paper is to make a comparative study of the current education in real estate finance and management in the US and non-US MBA programs and to analyse the main reasons of this delay.