The aims of the gif, Gesellschaft f∏r Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung (German Society of Property Researchers) are to foster teaching and research in the field of property and related disciplines. The Society represents an interdisciplinary membership and aims to bring together theory and practice. Thus, a key element in gifÌs strategic plan is to reveal the property research priorities in Germany. Succeeding the surveys conducted by Worzala (2000) for the USA, Newell (2001) for Australia, Newell/ Mc Allister/ Worzala (2003) for the UK and by Schulte/ Newell/ Worzala (2003) for Germany, this paper aims at comparing the identified industryÌs property research priorities in Germany, Australia, USA and UK with actual current real estate research by conducting a follow-up survey among an academic control group. The control group consists of well-known real estate professors and other academics. Over 40 property research areas are assessed. According to the above mentioned surveys, a link between the industryÌs and academiaÌs priorities is drawn. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate these property research priorities to establish an effective property research agenda, together with the priorities identified by the industry.