The general aim of this article is to give an insight into the housing market in Poland in the perspective of the economical climate, covering the present view of housing market in Poland and trends which have created this market. Economical, political and social changes in Poland during the last twelve years has also forced the property market to adjust to new market needs. The progress in privatisation of the economy was followed by changes to the real estate market structure. The new reality has especially affected the housing market as being strongly connected not only with economical but also to the social situation. Polish housing market came into reality at the instance of some important steps that were taken in law regulations, as well as privatisation trends enabled transfer of public properties into the free market. Taken law into consideration it is worth mentioning the introduction in 1994 of the condominium law that extended and consolidated existing form of ownership, law regulations giving the possibility to purchase flats in public buildings by their tenants and prior owners to claim back their original properties. The ownership changes are strongly related to administration reform as well as differences in meaning of State and local government roles in housing which are causing the movement of housing properties to third parties such as public institutions, public companies and private owners. Transforming State roles in housing domain also extorted some research of new forms of housing being able to cover all of the public demands. In the present situation it is to be said that the Polish housing market exists but it is still far away from a well-developed properties market although the transforming processes still take places and conduct to improvement