From 1978, the ìMinisterio de Agricultura, Pesca y AlimentaciÛn (MAPA)î has been carrying out in Spain an investigation about farmland prices in the different Spanish Regions and growings with annual periodicity. In the present paper it will be analysed which part of this price is explained by growing and which part is explained by location. On the other hand, available prices are refered to average market prices. It is interesting to compare this prices with the offer prices obtained by the most important appraisal company in Spain, in order to analyse the gaps between both source of prices. The method to be used is the Factorial Analysis, to obtain the main variables which compose the location factor. In a second step, the regression analysis will be used in order to quantify the variables that compose the land price. The growing variable will be introduced in the analysis with the gross income per growing and Spanish Region, from the data of the Red Contable Agraria Nacional (RECAN).