The article deals with the problem of the development of professions related to real estate market in transition economies. In the Republic of Moldova the real estate market started to develop rapidly in late 90ís, after the first stage of the privatization of the state property. The spontaneous development of the market had determined the emergence of numerous realtor and appraisal companies, and real estate exchanges. The higher education system was not adapted to the new requirements of the market economy, thus, a significant part of the specialists involved in real estate market activities, do not have the appropriate theoretical and professional background. Today, on the real estate market of Moldova there are 1000 realtors, more than 200 valuers, who work in private and state owned companies. The problems of professional development, of elaboration of new professional requirements to the real market participants, as well as the perspectives of professional associations creation are discussed in the article. The article deals also with the licensing and certification of real estate market participants. The two possibilities of certification ñ to introduce the mechanism of state certification or to develop the certification within professional associations are analyzed.