With the increasing economic growth in Asian countries in recent years, Asian property securities are playing an increasingly important role in the global economy especially in the post-GFC period, with Asian property securities market value in excess of 48% of the global market (Macquarie Securities, 2010). While the developed property securities markets of Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore maintain their stable performance and significance among the global top 5 countries, the emerging markets (Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka) continue to increase their market significance with a better investment environment across the region and globally. From a modest position in the global property markets of 1% in 2010, the Asian emerging property markets are projected to grow to 2% in 2020, with China from 5% to 15% and India from 1% to 2% respectively (CB Richard Ellis, 2010). The dynamic growth in the Asian property markets has seen the diversified growth stages among the emerging property markets in Asia. As such, the purpose of this PhD research is to assess the significant role of the less emerging listed property companies in the region and globally beside the developed and emerging property markets in Asia which have established a level of interest with regional and global investors.